Sunday, June 28, 2009

the first 6 months...

Marriage is a fun, yet crazy thing in life. In our first six months of marriage, we have already lost jobs and gained new ones, driven from Indiana to Maine and back in 4 days time, seen Niagara Falls, gone camping, entertained guests, hosted the in-laws at our house 3 times, gone to friends weddings, got scammed on a new car... got a an older car, and thought very seriously about getting a dog. All in all, we've been blessed to have more good memories than bad ones.

With family strewn from Alaska to Maine and everywhere in between, we (my husband and I) have decided this blog will help keep everyone updated on the present happenings in our life. As life gets even crazier, I'm sure my time on this blog will become less of a priority, BUT I will try to keep it as current as possible.

For now, this is goodbye.