Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our "new" living room!

We finally splurged and bought new furniture for our living room! After living in the apartment for 9+ months, it actually feels like a home. We now spend all our free time sitting on our new couch, entertaining friends, and playing the Wii (well at least Calvin does).
The fall colors are showing bright and weather is cooling off fast in northern Indiana. Calvin and I have yet to go out and take pictures of the changing season, but we hope to soon. Grace College campus is beautiful during this time of the year!
In the coming weeks I've got mid-terms, Fall break, and I'll be going to Arizona to see my dad get married. Calvin will continue to work and he will be getting our Ford Focus fixed before the snow falls. We're also hoping that Calvin's best friend Bruce will be able to come visit us from Texas soon!