Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Summer, and Hello to Fall!

Calvin and I spent my last weekend of freedom with my best girlfriend Megan! She drove down from Illinois on Friday night and we spent the weekend watching movies, eating Mexican food, and exploring beautiful Winona Lake.
This week is the beginning of the end of my college career (for now)! On Tuesday I will start my senior year at Grace College. It's incredibly crazy to think that I have come this far in my education.
I will continue to work at Home Helpers as I finish out my education, but my hours will decrease to only 24 per week. Work has gone great this Summer and I am looking forward to what is coming for our company this Fall. Below is a picture of my bosses, Aimee & Bob Hartwiger.Calvin is still enjoying his job at the Pill Box. Tuesday marks his three months on the job and means we will start getting benefits! We'll be shopping around for health insurance during the next couple of weeks.
Other than school starting up, Calvin and I are both joining bible studies. My women's bible study is going through Break Free (a Beth Moore Study) and the husbands of the women in the study are still trying to figure out what they'll be studying. Calvin and I will also be flying to Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 12th for a mini-family reunion with the Sheffrey's. It will be quick but we are very excited for a break.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Last trip of the summer...

Last weekend we took a quick road trip to and from Baltimore, Maryland for our friends wedding! After taking a detour through West Virginia, we were able to make it to our hotel just after 12 hours of driving. It was wonderful to see our friends from Alaska and others from around the country.
The wedding for Evan and Sarah was beautiful! The ceremony lasted a little longer than planned as one of the bridesmaids fainted from locking her knees in the middle of the sermonette. Other than that, the wedding went off without a hitch. After the ceremony, we made our way downtown Baltimore to the 1840's Ballroom where the reception was held. We had a great night of eating, and dancing, and toasts!
Calvin and I snuck away for a couple hours before the wedding and got some sightseeing in! We went down to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and saw the ships in the pier. Calvin was most excited to see the U.S.S Constellation (aka Old Iron Sides). We also got to drive by Charm City Cakes (the bakery featured on the show "Ace of Cakes") and take a few pictures outside the shop.