Friday, April 30, 2010


I'M DONE! I turned in my last college paper this afternoon and now I just have to wait a week to get my diploma. It will most likely be one of the longest weeks of my life as I am extremely excited about next weekend. My family will start arriving on Thursday night and then into the day on Friday!

3 weeks from tomorrow, Calvin and I will be leaving the boring state of Indiana and driving 5,000 miles back to Alaska! We'll be staying with a few friends and family members along the way as well as camping. We are super excited and can't wait to begin our journey home!

Also, Calvin and I both have interviews on June 7th for jobs in Anchorage! We're hoping by the time we leave Indiana that we'll have a couple other interviews lined up!

For now, that's our exciting news! Check back for more updates later this month!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Time's Flying By!

Well obviously my Spring semester of school has been crazy busy. Although I don't have as many classes as normal, my work schedule and commitment to other things has kept me away from blogging.

In a nut shell, here's what's been going on since the last time I posted: trip to New Orleans, Easter weekend in Chicago, warmer temperatures in Winona, sold our Ford Focus, got our Chevy S10 fixed, decided to drive to Alaska in May, spring cleaning the apartment, bathroom infested with mayflies, employee Christmas party in March, hanging with awesome friends, replaced broken mini-blinds, took down our Christmas lights in late March, and decided to eat more whole grain foods!

The countdown is on, only 19 days till graduation! My parents and grandparents will be flying from Alaska for the commencement ceremony and I'm totally looking forward to seeing them! After graduation, I'll be working a couple more weeks, we'll sell all our furniture, and we'll hit the road on our summer adventure!

God has blessed us over the last year of living in Indiana. We are looking forward to seeing what He has in store for us in Alaska.