Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey I'm Back!

Hello everyone!

I realize I've been absent from Blogger for about 5 months, but I'm back! Many different things have happened in the life of Calvin and Victoria and I'm here to share them with anyone who desires to know!

Here's the gist of what's been happening over here!
Megan Antioho came to visit for the summer!
Victoria finished her first semester of Grad School!
Calvin got a new job at Apple!
Camping in Alaska and spending time with friends and family.

Calvin went off to training for three weeks.
Victoria and Megan volunteer at VBS at our church.
Victoria and Calvin meet up in Hawaii for one week while Calvin was still in training...Victoria was on the beach! :)
Bruce (Calvin's good friend) came to visit for 10 days.

While Bruce was still here, we did lots of "touristy" things including Seward, Palmer, Alaska Zoo, etc.
Megan gains a boyfriend and decides to move to Alaska!
Calvin, Victoria, and Megan decide they need a bigger house...Moving on September 1st!!!
Victoria decides to go on a crazy diet to get rid of some bad health symptoms she's been having. No sugar, no carbs, no gluten, no fruit, and only certain veggies. Stay posted on her progress!

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